Freedom Quit Smoking Relaxation Headset: Use Device for 21 Days and Quit Smoking for Good

The world’s first home patented wearable quit smoking low-level light therapy device to help you stop smoking.


Quit smoking and stop vaping with Relaxation Light Therapy! By pre-ordering you are helping us raise the funds needed to kickstart the first production run. Your early support will give you access to the devices first. 


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A relaxation aid to reduce the desire for tobacco products. Lightweight, portable and rechargeable.

Freedom’s advanced alpha frequency technology combines soothing sounds waves and 8 targeted therapeutic lights to stimulate natural self-healing through acupuncture points in the ears.

Entrepreneur and Inventor Craig Nabat is known for inventing the clinically proven and FDA cleared iRestore Hair Growth System. Sales generated for this home use, medical grade laser hair therapy device and hair loss prevention product line grew to tens of millions of dollars within a 3-year period. iRestore is currently sold worldwide; and Amazon customers consider iRestore the #1 home use laser therapy device on the market today. 

“Hello New Friends thanks for taking the time to learn about my mission to free the world from nicotine addiction, it means a lot to me.  I am a former pack and a half a day cigarette smoker who founded, Los Angeles based Freedom Laser Therapy after using a low-level laser procedure to break my addiction. Since 2003, Freedom has been providing a pain free low-level laser therapy procedure intended to alleviate nicotine withdrawal. More than 10,000 smokers have used this nicotine-free method to break their dependence on tobacco products.

I am driven to pursue my dream to assist millions of people to live free from nicotine. For the past 16 years, I've witnessed how this low-level laser therapy technology has improved the lives of thousands of Freedom Laser clients and myself included.

I hope you see the intrinsic value in what I am trying to accomplish and will join me on this journey to improve the quality of peoples’ lives. Together, we can make cigarettes, which are decreasing the quality of peoples' lives, a thing of the past. As far as vaping goes, it is currently unknown how detrimental it is to the body, but the latest US health reports are definitely concerning.

I know a lot of information was placed on my page, honestly it is challenging to tell my story in a more condensed manner. I truly believe in what I am doing and have lived this quest with extreme passion and perseverance for quite some time now. I’m doing this  to create a monumental reduction of the  negative impact these deadly products have upon mankind. Thank you, my friends, for taking the time to consider supporting my Freedom Quit Smoking Relaxation Headset project.” - Craig Nabat

Our goal is to get you through the most difficult period of quitting smoking, as a means of combating uncomfortable feelings associated with giving up tobacco, and as you go through the detoxification period from the 4,000 or more toxic chemicals found in a single cigarette.