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So Far, So Good
Size: Essential Kit

I purchased this for a dear friend who has been trying to quit smoking for years. She has been terrified of gaining weight in the process but was so touched by this kit that her dedication seemed to be rekindled and the possibility of weight gain dwarfed in importance compared to how badly she desires to be smoke-free. So far, she loves the headphones and finds them soothing, and she is also using the additional products in stride. The excitement and readiness this kit had elicited from her thus far warrants it a five-star rating in my humble opinion, as she has never been so ready to "commit to quit," however, make no mistake I will assuredly update my rating and review as soon as she shares with me how she's been getting on smoke-free, thank you.

Smoke free for 2 months using this
Size: Essential Kit

Às someone who has wanted to quit smoking for a long time and struggled, I was excited to try this for my latest quit attempt. I used the entire program as instructed and have been smoke free for about 2 months now. This comes with a headset that plays 10 minutes of a relaxing sound while light pulses hit pressure points on your ears. I found this to be very relaxing and have since replaced the included AAA batteries for continued use. The included batteries lasted 13 days, with using the headset the suggested 3 times a day. The included rubber band for the aversion therapy part of this plan is black and cloth covered, so it doesn't tug arm hair or rub uncomfortably. The spray you use 3+ times a day under your tounge to help fight cravings. It has a neutral semi sweet taste. I have found it to be very helpful and bought a second bottle of it to make sure I always had one available. For me, this has been the best nicotine free way I've ever quit smoking and I would at the very least suggest the spray if you are hesitant on buying the whole system. I did receive this product at a slight discount in exchange for my honest review, but I specifically requested this because it was something I wanted to try and use. For me it has worked and I couldn't be happier to no longer be smoking.

Very effective
Size: Essential Kit

My husband and I have tried quitting smoking so many times that we have lost count. We've tried quitting cold turkey, limiting ourselves and gradually decreasing over time, using has been a battle. The longest times I have been smoke free has been throughout my pregnancies, and I fought the cravings daily. Being long time smokers, nicotine has had it's death grip on us for too long....or so we thought.

I personally tried the Freedom spray by itself and it was effective, but short lived. I needed something more. Since the spray worked for a while, we decided to try this kit.

We have been using the system for two months. We have been smoke free for six weeks. We listen to the CD every night before bed and when we are getting ready for the day. My favorite part of this kit is headphones with the lights for pressure points in the ears and soothing music. My husband likes using the stress ball and wrist band while he's at work. We have not had bad cravings in about four weeks now, but we continue to use the system because we want to ensure future, long-term success.

My recommendation about this kit is to read the instructions and follow the instructions exactly. Once you're over the hump and cravings aren't bad, go with what parts od the system that works best for you.

Almost a smoke free home
Size: Essential Kit

I bought this for my husband who has been smoking for over twenty years. He usually smokes half a pack a day. It's only been three days and he has already cut down to four per day. He is well on his way to being smoke free. He said the calming music in the headphones really help to relieve stress from his busy day. I have used the cd for meditation purposes. He also says that the spray is what is really helping. He hasn't noticed any kind of after taste at all. I do recommend the product to others but I do know that results will vary.

Effective, Complete System to Help You Quit Smoking
Size: Essential Kit

This is a great system that is designed to help you quit smoking without any nicotine supplements but by using knowledge through the provided CD, relaxation through the headphones, mind training through the bracelet and craving control with the mouth spray. I feel like if you are completely ready to quit, stay committed and use this program, you will be successful. It will take some strength and self control because it's not a cure all but they definitely provide you with essential tools to help you overcome the addiciton and move forward.

This kit has some fantastic components. Everything in here will aid you in ...
Size: Essential Kit

This kit has some fantastic components. Everything in here will aid you in being able to quit. However, unless you are truly committed to quitting smoking chances of success become slim. Regardless of whatever method you choose to try to quit smoking with, unless you really desperately want it, you're not likely to succeed. I would recommend this particular product to someone who does, though.

Disclosure: I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I will complete said review when use of the kit is complete, thank you.

Hoping this works cause smoking is really disgusting.
Size: Essential Kit

Just started using this. Its very relaxing. The sprays helps to curve the cravings. Hoping this works cause smoking is really disgusting.

Let this Freedom program help you quit smoking for good:)
Size: Essential Kit

This kit contains a brilliant combination of techniques to assist the quitting process. The Freedom Quit Smoking System contains all the tools you need to boost your willpower enough to finally break the habit! There is a specially designed headset which plays relaxing music to help calm anxiety, plus it has red lights inside the ear pieces that activate acupressure points in your ears to help you quit. As soon as I played just one 12-minute session of this, I felt much more relaxed. There is a very informative booklet with the hazards of smoking and the benefits of quitting. A cd is included which you can play at home, in your car, or convert it to use on any other device anywhere you go. Another simple, yet research proven effective technique for behavior modification is a simple bank that you wear on your wrist. Whenever you get an urge to smoke, simply snap the band to remind yourself and so the brain starts to associate thoughts of smoking with negative sensations. (This technique has been used for years to reduce the frequency of undesirable behaviors from nail biting to overeating). Also included is a great little stress relieving squeeze ball, which not only helps you relax, it also gives a smoker something to do with his or her hands (a big issue for smokers). Another nice plus is the commitment card, which is similar in size to a credit card, so will fit nicely in your wallet or pocket. You can also tape it to your mirror for an extra reminder (I'm going to copy mine so I can carry one and keep another displayed). This card is affixed to a ten day quitting countdown to check off as you successfully complete each day smoke-free. I have already recommended it to my friends!

Fight your urges with the help of behavioral, psychological, meditative and herbal help!
Size: Essential Kit

I have tried everything from e-cigarettes to patches, gum, meditation, spray, hypnosis CDs to cold-turkey. Nothing has worked long term for over a few days. I wanted to try this system after seeing it advertised so badly. I felt like this was my last ditch effort. The Freedom Quit Smoking System is definitely for those who truly want to quit as it does require time investment - although not at all the time each day that it takes from me while I smoke!! I need to say how much I enjoyed the sweet cherry flavor of the craving relief spray. I won’t go into how to use the program because it comes with simple, highly detailed instructions and educational materials. This is the total program if you want to go ‘cold turkey’ from nicotine with psychological behavioral techniques, relaxation/meditation, infrared heat on acupressure points that are meant to create calmness. I adored using these as I already meditate and know how much it helps overall in life. I want to make this review helpful and honest so I am going to give you a run down - with honesty and comedy.

Day 1: Utter hell. I used the spray twice every 8 hours to curb the cravings. Honestly my ‘cravings’ were not the issue today. It was the extreme anxiety and behavioral changes that set me off. The headphones are fantastic and feel so warm and relaxing overall. But I was so on edge I just wanted to rip them off and run a marathon. Watching TV made me snap my wristband about a million times. I blew it after 15.5 hours. Smoked a pack all night.

Day 5: Back on track. I stopped using the system while I relapsed and began again today.

Day 15: 10 days smoke free! I wanted this process to go smoothly and perfectly.

Don't wait. Try it today!
Size: Essential Kit

I am trying this system because I have been smoking for over 15 years now and I want to stop! i have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this product. So much so that it seat in my table for a good month before I got up the courage to try it! The spray that it comes with to curb your cravings does help. The headphones are my personal favorite part. The cd is very useful as well but you have to stick to the plan. Dont stop before your time is up. am on day 4 and I still struggle but am feeling great.




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